Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LAW 7: Life is a Race and we're ALL its Runners

LAW: 7
LIFE is a Race and we're all its Runners
We really have no choice in the matter except on how to play the game.
There's no escaping it.
There could be shorcuts and longcuts but it all just means we stay in the game.

It's such a journey isn't it? Life, that is. One doesn't end with a lone goal. It's a series of goals piling up on top of one another. It's like a long race where you only get to reach stop overs but never really see the end of the line. One can only imagine but he can never truly set his eyes on the end game. Like knowing there ought to be a flag somewhere but all you see are roads and paths and alleyways. That's why life is truly a marvel. You could hate it or learn to love it. You can embrace all the shit and see the beauty of things at the same time. There's no rule that you had to choose one over the other. See things for what they really are and recognize life for what it really is. It is dreadful sometimes but it has wonderful people and some miracles dropped every now and then and they serve as water filling your dry, thirsty throat. Like this, we can be anyone we dare to be. One could choose to stay at one stop over for years and years or one can decide if he'll stay only for a short period of time before standing up to his feet again and continuing the run. There's no right or wrong with choosing the stop overs as long as one doesn't decide to simpy resign himself at one goal post when deep inside he just truly wants to leap for another more league. So don't hate people who keep running. Don't look down on people who has decided he liked a certain stop over even when he could've leap for another or two more. It's our own individual choice what we want to do with our lives. We just better stand tall and carry our chins up. There's no shame in playing the game as there is no shame even when we stumble every now and then, drunken or not. We write how we want the race to end up. We can never truly control the time but how far we could take up the game decides on us. We could be barging in at stopovers one after another then be contented for a time before we decide to march forward...doesn't really matter. We're stuck in the race so may as well learn to be good at it and love it.