Thursday, September 20, 2012

LAW 6: The Art of Flirting

LAW 6 :
 The Art of Flirting. How hard could it be>>?
When without knowledge or experience, let the animal part of you take over. End.

Hypothetically, and perhaps theoretically speaking, there must be some kind of rules in the art of flirting--just as there are thousands of unspoken rules about other more irritatingly mundane things. Realistically speaking though, advices in the art of flirting most likely should not come from a person who's had so little-to-none of such activity... well, one such as yours truly. But really, apart from the tangible, material and physical aspect of it, how hard could it be or how difficult could it be to try to attempt it? Take aside the outside skin, the artificial perfumes and other worldly things; I believe there are just some things that are ingrained in every cell of our existence, some things that were already existent in our human drives. We aren't wholly clean slates to begin with, the conscious part like attitudes and behaviors,- they may be influenced and directed and only filled up by human experience--but instincts, they were given birth the same time we mortals first breathed air. Instincts are there in our slates, perhaps hidden, perhaps ignored, perhaps have been behaving like the infant it was but surely growing, maturing and awakening with time, dependent on our needs as humans, as some higher form of animals. That is why in the art of flirting, I believe that no one is truly innocent of the knowledge on it. At the very least, a primal drive exists. An instinct, at the back of everyone's mind, that could turn savage anytime.

To someone whose never had experience in practicing the art, succumbing to the drive can be the only reasonable option. In short, be the animal that you are. Close off the rational thoughts that attempt to follow logic and norms and be the blind who lets something more raw and powerful take control. When to bat eyelashes, when to render a fleeting smile, when to tease with a ghost of a touch or when to put a solid caress,---such things you don't really learn from watching or from other people telling- and such things you especially can't execute efficiently by logic alone... (probably). Though these are all just theories, we're basically still animals..., there's some animals in us. It's the scent. Flirting is useless when the target can't even understand that you're flirting with him/her. Targets have to feel. Flirting is never an innocent act after all although it can be guised as one. Flirting is a purposeful act, so full of intent and scheming---though the scheming part consists only of a goal, that is, the end--the getting the target's attention or affection. Step by step actions don't have to be plotted or agonized over when you can let loose the animal anytime. They'd scent it--your intention, your desire. The subtle things suddenly become noticeable because you desired it, wanted it to happen... When the targets scents you, every little thing you do becomes magnified. A shy smile from you would seem coy and teasing, your normal gait would seem accompanied by a sweet sinful sway, your voice he or she would hear with a purr... In a way, it's like a mating process. Flirting is.. 

...I think so,

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