Saturday, March 17, 2012

LAW 5: The Broken Blade

A blade that's broken shall still forever remain as what it is: a blade.

Even in its confines, in its degraded state, its steel will continuously and stubbornly refuse to get dull. And in silence or the sound of turmoil, it shall tremble in excitement to once again strike at a fellow blade or pierce through a man's flesh. You can use it in may other ways, being broken and altered, but what it really is, you can never erase. The blade can't help being what it's made for in the first place. Different people may wield it for different reasons but the blade, however weakened and broken it may be will opt to choose what it'd painstakingly longed for. And trust me, it will make known to the world when, what and if it'd finally chosen another wielder,. And it will surprise you with its own vigor after the long time it has been suppressed.

There will always come a time when you will realize what you're made of and for. There's no definite date and time, no definite landmark. It shall be completely unbeknownst. You're like an empty gauge that's being filled with skills, experience, wisdom and a little bit of everything else. You never really get to know which factors are slowly but surely making up your whole being. But you can bet your ass that without a doubt there will come a time you'll realize that the gauge been filled up. And there's one thing that's taking the large part of what you are. And trust me, this you can never change. It'd seeped through slowly and thoroughly to your core, the relationship deeper that whatever you can dare to imagine. And may the years come upon you, this one thing that makes you who you are shall also age alongside, attached bloodily to your heart.

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