Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LAW 2: Sabbath Day

LAW 2: 
Sabbath Day
It always JUST is another day.
The world can crash down on you but you can bet your ass on it
you're expected to go on..
and you WILL.

Well, I for one cannot believe how so stiff I was with my first entry. I almost had the nerving itch to delete it. Delete and Rewrite. If indeed things could be that easy. Things would just be the same. You might as well stop being such a masochist with yourself. 

It's Tuesday today. And I like to believe that Tuesday still IS our Sabbath Day. It's still just a regular day where things could fuck up and not get right but I'd like to believe that this is some kind of day wherein you could pretend that the day is beautiful and nothing could go wrong. That way, maybe, things indeed might go to right. Do not get me wrong with the notion that nothing bad could happen or that this is the day we'd pretend not to see all the crappiness in the world. Sabbath Day is the day you try to see pass all the 'shitiness,&  douchiness,' woes that fate seem to throw at you.

So yes, it's Tuesday today and I'm wishing myself luck and urging myself to get started at least with something.

I've forgotten doing Sabbath Day on Tuesdays since after college. This was originally an idea of my dearest Nox. Today, we're doing it. I'm doin it. And to start with you'll always need a good quote to give you a push.

If you don't give up in getting there,
then you're not on the wrong road.
Even if the place you arrive at isn't the
one you were looking for, just
search out the next road from there.
If you do that,
you'll eventually arrive without fail.
If you worry about it, think about it,
eventually, pick a road and walk down it.
Then there is no way it isn't connected
somehow to the place you are looking for.

Don't you think it's not a bad idea?
It makes you feel more relax.

-Ms Roughnight


  1. Very true!
    Vigorously nodding my head in agreement.

  2. It's good to know then, that someone else agrees with the way this pour soul o' mine chooses to wade through this survival jungle of a world we live in n_n.