Saturday, July 9, 2011

LAW 3: Aristotle and Life

LAW 3: 

Aristotle and Life. They have two things in common.
They can be bitches--but they're damn as hell right!
 Aristotle has this notion that men are at a never
ending quest of finding their happiness, 
always on their self inflicted torture of a journey.
I'd like to think Mr. Aristotle wrong. Who wouldn't want to get the H-thing sooner?
He's just a bitch! And apparently just as Life is.
Because the latter always chooses to bite us up at our ass
every fleeting moments when we think to ourselves 
that which we fervently and most begrudgingly wish for
seemed to finally breeze by our grasps.
Well, life seemed to agree just fine with Aristotle here
making his bitchy notion just as real as how we say
Life is.

Well, that was long.

Seeing the words 'Aristotle', 'Life' and 'Happiness' never fails to put me on a disturbed mood. I keep thinking about all the crazy stuff about how being happy IS DIFFERENT from Happiness (with the capital H!). Being happy comes in fleeting moments, days, weeks... while Happiness, I believe, is something far larger, far more difficult to fully understand but which we all have some profound idea of. Happiness must encompass something deeper, more significant and greater than whatever happy feelings I'm getting and meeting it every day of my life. While we all have different notions about the things which may serve as keys to our meeting Happiness, Happiness must most absolutely be mutually linked with Contentment.

I can't help but think of the discussions I've had with Nox before about this H-thingy.

And Nox, you're just like Arisfckngtle! Why am I not receiving any freakin entries from you?! Amp!!

-Ms Roughnight

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