Saturday, February 4, 2012


When the job you so wanted for a very
long time comes knocking on your door,
and when you know you'd be there with just
one more leap, you'll suddenly get afraid of heights.
No matter which new job you get, it's always
terrifying to quit from the old one 
'coz from the latter you already felt safe and comfy,
no matter how unhappy you were with the work.
Why must we feel so contradicting when we ought to be celebrating?

Sitting the day to the next one--and probably to the next hundred days, chewing lips how you wished you had another job, cursing fervently how you're being unhappy, you must be really frustrated. I did. And now the job I'd been wishing, hoping and praying for calls me to quit the old one, to process some few more papers then start with them in a week's time. I'm feeling risky and scared that when I quit my old job some inevitable accidents might occur and just leave me completely jobless, losing both at the same time. Why be such a pussy.? Then I realized, the thing is, the same process and sequence of events will happen. The only difference for me is that things are taking place a bit sooner. They are happening now. I got my dream job a bit earlier. Even if I'll get it a year or a couple of years from now, same changes would still take place. So I just gotta take a deep breath and take the blasted jump and be done with it. We have to take the risk ourselves and keep our fingers crossed we'll land to that safe place.

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